On starting too many books

Hey, readers! I’ve gotten myself into a reading pickle: I’m in the middle of too many books! I tend to do my best reading when I have two books going at the same time, usually one print (either Kindle or paper) and one audio. Not only do I like to have a variety of stories in my mind, and mix of formats to choose from depending on what I have to do in a give day. But I’ve also found that if I start any more than two books during a given period, I get overwhelmed and have a hard time deciding what to read at any giving moment. It often ends with my DNFing books I’m actually enjoying because I can’t make the time for them. So here I am now in the middle of four books, and I’m nervous about my ability to finish them all! I may actually go totally against my natural instincts and make a reading schedule for myself to ensure I actually finish them. Wish me luck!

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