The 2021 Paperback Summer Reading Guide

Hi, readers!

Today I am thrilled to share my 2021 Paperback Summer Reading Guide with you! This is my first year putting together a summer reading guide and it was totally overwhelming and SO MUCH FUN. Because I always prefer picking up a paperback and there are already so many great lists showcasing new releases, I decided to focus exclusively on books you can already get in paperback. I hope my guide will help you find a few backlist gems to add to your TBR and titles to get from the library now while you wait for those buzzy new releases to come in off your holds shelf.

The guide has a lot of variety so while I’m hoping there’s something for everyone, not every book will be for every reader. I divided my selection of 30 titles into various reading moods—being a mood reader myself I can’t help but think about books that way. On the list, you’ll find long leisurely books to wile away a summer afternoon, quick quirky reads to shake yourself out of a reading rut, twisty and compulsive page-turners, and so much more.

I have read and enjoyed every book on this list and curating it was like visiting with old friends. Because I didn’t limit myself to a release year, there were a lot of beloved books that didn’t make it onto this year’s guide, but I’m already excited about this annual tradition and putting together more seasonal lists in the future.

Your regular scheduled programming will return in next week’s newsletter, but until then, please enjoy the FictionMatters 2021 Paperback Summer Reading Guide.

Readers, I hope this is your best summer of reading yet! For questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing or responding directly to this newsletter. I love hearing from you!

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Happy reading!